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Who is Soul Road?


An Introduction

“Soul Road, The Journey Home” was written as my way to show my appreciation to The Lord. I truly believe that every word in this book came as a spiritual gift from Him. So, first and foremost, I give all the glory to God! Thank You!  

The last few years have been very difficult for myself and my family, but the grace, the love, the hope and the mercy God has shown us has been nothing short of incredible! I cannot wait to have the opportunity to thank Him every day for all of eternity! Again, Thank You!  

To my family and friends I pray for your salvation. It is my prayer that through these words, they bring you closer to The Lord as you travel along your own spiritual walk, your very own Soul Road.  I pray with all of my heart, that as you open this book, that God leads your heart, Jesus guides your soul and The Holy Spirit changes your life! God Bless! J.R. Canuel

Why a Soul Road Event?


If you've never had the opportunity to go to a Soul Road concert, well your time is now! 

Question; Are you asking yourself, “Why am I here?” or “Where’s my life going?”, or possibly you are now a bit curious about God. Whatever your questions may be, maybe you now find that you have a desire to know more about God, then a Soul Road Concert is perfect for you!

1.  Everyone in attendance will have one thing in mind – God! Everyone in that room will have a sole purpose - to worship! At a Soul Road Concert is a great way to celebrate God together!

2. The lyrics are powerful! Our love for God is poured out in every letter of every word of every song! Our lyrics are hopeful, honest, giving all of the glory to God, and reflective! But always full of praise! 

3. It' will be a great time! If you love Jesus, or again, if you are just curious, you will have a great time at a Soul Road Concert! We promise! It will be upbeat, fun and spiritually moving!  So whether you come alone or with friends, it will be a great time! 

4. You are with family! As Christians, we're all the body of Christ. When we are all joined as one, we are family. For all eternity! At a Soul Road Concert you will also get to meet new members of the family, share in our worship together, and form everlasting bonds!

5. A Christian concert means a night of worship... and who doesn't want that? At a Soul road Concert, certainly it is true that you are going to a Worship Event, but in reality, you are actually coming to a Church Service! Because that’s what it is, a Church Service! When you are in a room full of people who love Jesus, you will want to shout it out from the rooftops! There will be singing and yes, dancing and oh yes, lots of praising! There will also be laughter and tears, but your tears will be tears of joy!  At our Worship Event, when we are all gathered  as one, with our lyrics that will touch your heart, and music that being so powerful, you will be moved! You will find that there is just nothing like it. Welcome to Soul Road! Thanks and God Bless!

Concerts And Events

Soul Road  is currently planning Concerts and Events.  Please check back as we update our calendar. 

Visiting Your Church

Looking for a Concert or an Event at your Church? Look no further! Soul road is planning our Event Calendar right now! Feel free to Email us at joe@soulroad.org, or give Joe a call 

at 413-824-1199. Thanks!

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